Diary of a Freedom Fighter
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In the pages of this magazine, you will discover how every book in the Bible tells us something about the kind of person God is. We often read the Bible as if it is a book about us, but really, it's a book about Him. Let this little digest inspire you to see the Bible as you've never seen it before!

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Fundamental Focus

Fundamental Focus is a beautiful, full-color magazine, designed to help Christians see God as the central focus of Christian belief. It can be used both as a spiritual nurturing tool and an outreach tool. Though designed initially with Seventh-day Adventists in mind, because of its God-focused content, this magazine is accessible to Christians of any denomination as well as non-Christians.

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If you have enjoyed the God-focused content of Fundamental Focus, you'll absolutely love our newest publication, Diary of a Freedom Fighter, which focuses that God-centered lens on every book of the Bible. Click
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Freedom Fighter

“You live in a war zone.”

Those words begin this book by Ken Wilson, which is all about The Great Controversy, how God is involved, and how He has won (and will eventually bring to a close) this epic battle between good and evil. An illuminating book about God and His character—there is something here for every level of faith!

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From Great Disappointment to Great Expectations

“After Ken was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I knew that our life as we had planned it was over. But then God turned our crisis into a grand experience, and He can do the same thing for you.”

Does knowing the good news about our wonderful God make a difference when we encounter a crisis? Author Joyce Wilson’s answer is a resounding yes! It is no exaggeration to say that this book will give you a whole new perspective on life. Learn how (and why) to truly give thanks in all things!

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The Worship Experiment

Ever felt like something was “missing” from your worship? In this new book, author Kelley Lorencin explores God-focused worship. (Surprisingly, this is something missing from nearly every church.) Discover how to make God the subject of your “worship sentence,” and watch your church services come alive again. All without having to attend a worship seminar!

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Sweet Songs

Make your worship service come alive with this song book, featuring updated hymn classics for all styles of worship. New words grace familiar hymn tunes, and new music graces familiar hymn words. You’ll be sure to find a musical favorite here!

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