O God, In Your Presence

sung to the tune of O Thou, In Whose Presence (Davis)

O God, in Your presence, my soul takes delight.
Your name is the name that I call.

My comfort by day, and my song in the night.
My hope, my salvation, my all!

Your voice, like the sound of the dulcimer sweet,
Is heard through the shadows of death.
The tallest of trees humbly bows at Your feet.
The air is perfumed with Your breath.

Your lips, like a fountain of righteousness flow,
To water the gardens of grace.
The more that we seek You, the more we will know
Your gentle and loving embrace.

You smile, and ten thousands of angels rejoice
And eagerly wait for Your word.
You speak, and the sound of Your wonderful voice
Brings peace and acceptance assured.


Words by Kelley Lorencin
© 2008 Kelley Lorencin. All rights reserved.